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The hardest period in life is one’s twenties. It’s a shame because you’re your most gorgeous and you’re physically in peak condition. But it’s actually when you’re most insecure and full of self-doubt. When you don’t know what’s going to happen, it’s frightening.
— 出典:Helen Mirren, Esquire interview  (via sherlokided)

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more interesting alternatives to the typical ~sexy suave evil gentlemen~ vampires:

  • vampires who use their shape shifting/magical glamor abilities to explore gender identity/presentation/protect themselves from societal norms that could be harmful or get in their way
  • vampires who suffer chronic pain from injuries they got as humans that didn’t heal right
  • vampires with possibly outdated prosthesis because while they have a healing factor they can’t regrow limbs
  • child vampires whose fangs fall out/regrow every couple decades because they’ll always be baby teeth
  • poc vampires who adapt better because they’re less sensitive to sunlight/have vastly different ethereal characteristics than “I am a marble statue with shiny eyes”
  • vampires who have trouble maintaining their animal forms and/or accidentally turn into wolves/mice/bats in the middle of a conversation
  • vampires who love modern technology and gadgets and take to them better than humans do
  • vampires who lisp because their fangs are too big/uneven for their mouth
  • vampires who are really concerned about how short they’re starting to seem compared to modern humans 
  • vAMPIRES (๏◡๏ ✿)

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These mitts, reaching to just below the bend of the elbow, have a geometric knit pattern and they are decorated with shiny beads. Because they allow fingers to be freely moved, mitts are more functional than gloves. They became popular in the late 18th century. Some fashion plates of the period depict women embroidering or reading when wearing such mitts.






what dr. seuss books were really about // chris menning

Thank youuuuuuuu.


I will NEVER view Dr. Seuss books the same way EVER again.

This is why I freaked the fuck out when that one girl said these books were “nonsense rhyme.” Read between the lines and learn how to analyze literature plz.

The exact reason why I will read these on repeat to my kids.

Ron’s bedroom, from Pottermore 4.10.1

According to a study from the University of Washington, the rift between healthy grub and junk food is wider than it’s ever been. Researchers were able to buy 2,000 calories of junk food for $3.52 — that’s an entire day’s caloric intake — where nutritious foods cost them a whopping $36 for the same 2,000 calories.
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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Food In The USA (via grandparemington)


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I love (read: hate) how it’s not really real when people who live this reality are shouting up and down that this is how it is, this is the truth, this is the world out there and everyone’s still passing around that ridiculous as hell “you can buy healthy foods for cheap” infographic that must’ve been made in 1970 because fuck it doesn’t even touch what real prices are here in 2013. It’s just people talking, it’s just “anecdata” which is a word people use to say “your life experience isn’t scientific enough to count”.

But when the U of Washington or the U of AnyFuckingThing does a fucking study, oh well, then it’s very real. When people who probably don’t have to live this reality go in and come up with some numbers, oh well, then it’s data. Then it’s gospel fucking truth. Then we can recognize a problem. Probably not do anything about it because, let’s face it, the system is doing what it was designed to do. Punish and starve out those already made most vulnerable economically or in other ways. 

But we’ll have a study that documents that it was really real because the U of Washington fucking DISCOVERED it. And all those people who were practically shouting the walls down about it? Magically they evaporate and were never there. 

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Ladies and Gentlemen, your new Human Torch.


Eat shit, racists

Just got a reason to go see the movie






how do boys look good without makeup

thats it. thats literally it. entirely. for serious though

One of the realest things i’ve ever read. I think about this all the damn time.


You’re in the fifth grade, and you’re going to a brand new school. You have one friend, a best friend, and he’s the only one that knows: what to expect at the new school, what you and your family are like, what you’re going to be learning. You feel an understandable loyalty to this boy, who needed a friend badly as well when you met him. Another group of boys, bullies so it appears, makes fun of your only friend en route to this new school, and then laughs at you as well when you try to defend him. You decide you don’t like them very much.

You’re a freshman in high school, still surrounded by all the same children you’ve known since age 11. You are still very close with your best friend, even though you worry about him a lot. He’s started getting involved with a gang, one who (by the way) racially opposes a demographic that happens to include you. He’s started getting mixed up with dangerous, illegal, and even cruel activity. You have other friends by this point, but you still feel a special loyalty to this one. You try to help him and talk to him rationally, but all he seems to want to talk about is the bad sides of everyone else, including that arrogant boy who has now been bullying him since age 11. He does not realize that he’s becoming a bully himself.

You’re a sophomore in high school now, age 15. It is the worst day of your best friend’s life. That boy, the “bully” that he hates, hates him right back. It’s been a long time coming, and the two boys butt heads again. The bully is bored and looking to entertain his friends- he picks a fight. It’s a stupid thing to do, really, but he’s 15 years old. Who isn’t proud and bored and stupid and filled with anger at age 15? The bully starts the fight, but your best friend aims to end it once and for all- he pulls a weapon, let’s say, maybe even a gun. Things he learned from that gang he’s begun to spend more time with. But you still love him, obviously, so you rush to defend him.

The bully calls you out in front of everyone, asks you on a date. By all means, it’s embarrassing and frankly a little insulting. It’s exam week, you’re stressed, and you’re angry. Everything your best friend had said about this bully was right- look how he thought he could get away with anything. You just want to help your best friend…but oh. Nevermind. Looks like he doesn’t need you as badly as he’d always said. All three of you are prideful and angry and running on adrenaline…but he’s the only one that calls you a name, something unforgivable that makes you realize that he’s actually had a foot on the other side of the line for longer than you thought. It’s far more embarrassing than the stuck-up rail-skinny bully asking you out as an ultimatum. It’s downright humiliating. It’s the day you lost your best friend. You decide that you hate both of them now.

And then, years pass. You’re 17, and people are dying all around you. There’s a war on, people are growing up way too fast. You haven’t reconciled with your best friend, but you do find yourself spending more time with that “bully”, through class or hall-patrols. You decide that you still don’t like him, more out of pride and principle than anything else. Because, really, has he ever been cruel to you a day in his life? Others maybe, but those aren’t exactly your battles. Not anymore.

And then, one day, you find out that his favorite color is blue. You realize that you never knew that before. You realize that you always saw him as this 2D “bully” based on what you heard and saw since you were in the 5th grade. And you realize that you aren’t in the 5th grade anymore. You’ve grown up, certainly, since then. Why is it so unreasonable to assume he may have too?

You find out that his best friend, that quiet, sarcastic boy that you’ve spent a lot of time with, is sick with something he’ll never recover from. You realize why this “bully” is so fiercely loyal to his friends, why he’s always trying so hard to lighten the mood.

You find out that his mother’s just passed away. You realize that the only reason he was so adored and had everything was because she worked to make it that way because he was the only son she had. And he was the only mother he had. And now he feels alone and dejected, and isn’t sure he even wants to have kids one day. But you realize that this would be a crime because he would make such a great father.

You tell him so. He points out that this is the first compliment you’ve ever allowed him, and you feel ashamed of yourself, somewhere in the pit of your stomach.

Because he’s a real person and this is the first real time you’ve spent getting to know him.

So you tell him about yourself, too. The real things, behind the looks and the significant color of your hair and the books you loved. 

He apologizes for having such an out-there crush on you, but explains that he just knew you would be as fascinating as you seemed. You apologize for always keeping him at arms length; you see, you’d just heard and saw so much over the years that you’d blinked and missed the part where you stopped being angry, prideful teens, and became reasonable adults. You apologize for deciding he wouldn’t be fascinating before you even tried to find out. Because he was. Fascinating, that is.

And then one day he kisses you, all soft lips and nervous smiles. And he asks you out on a date. There are issues from the past that you aren’t quite ready to get over, broken friendships that you still blame him for. But you realize that there are things more important than pride. You realize that if you want to believe that you have grown and changed as a person, you should offer others the benefit of the doubt.

So you go out to dinner.

And you fall in love with that boy you thought was a bully.

And you get married, and fight for freedom side by side, and support each other, and become parents together, and build a life.

And one day, even though he knows he isn’t going to make it, that boy puts himself between you, your son, and danger, so that maybe you will. He gave up his life to make sure yours would go on for a little longer. He stands up to the real bullies of the world, the ones that are so entrenched in hate and cruelty that you can’t believe you ever gave your husband and these men the same title.

Because people are capable of growth and kindness. The ones that don’t bother with either are the real bullies of the world. And you wouldn’t have known that if you didn’t give this wonderful man a chance.

This story is the story, basically, of Lily Evans and James Potter. So the next time you rattle on about it being “unrealistic”, try putting yourself in their shoes. It’s a real-world applicable relationship that developed and grew over time. It’s, in my opinion, the most realistic relationship in the books. So maybe it’s time to stop relying on skewed flashbacks and start filling in the blanks.

We need to stop pitting girls against each other. We need to stop giving validation to novels and films that fetishize girls who say they “aren’t like other girls” as if there’s something inherently wrong with being a girl. We need to stop perpetuating the fallacy of the mythical “other girls” who all fit some made up stereotype that we teach our girls to be afraid of because “the right guys” don’t actually like “that kind of girl”. “That kind of girl” doesn’t exist, because girls are people and not objects that come in bulk.
— 出典:Megan Emanuel (via mjwatson)


If you feel like you need to cry, that is okay, and you should probably do it. The Rock cries sometimes, I bet. So you can too. Are you going to pretend you’re tougher than The Rock? Because you fucking aren’t